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@RoKnows (Roland.) tweeted:

@tokenblackguy09 It’s Clemson

@44birdman (G-Raff King) tweeted:

RT @PLeonardNYDN: Trevor Lawrence and Clemson today at Georgia Tech: 73 points NY Jets thru five games: 75 points

@ZeeK_ND () tweeted:

We're gonna need at least 35 to beat Clemson, and we can't put together 20 against a 1-3 team. Clemson is the only… https://t.co/uynBQIoTZd

@_jayk15 (Juiceee K. ⛵️) tweeted:

RT @PFF_College: Highest-graded CBs in press coverage: Derion Kendrick, Clemson - 89.8 Andrew Booth Jr, Clemson - 88.2 https://t.co/SZToK…

@mattybOPP (Matthew Barron) tweeted:

@ClamDigger1414 @jacob_belleau @PickSixPreviews Has anyone competed on a nation stage outside bama LSU Georgia Ohio st Clemson

@Lacy91Oh (Lace) tweeted:

@deeshebomb I have a long standing beef with Clemson lol and we(Ohio st) should’ve been them last year

@iWTROUTX07 (Wil Armentrout) tweeted:

RT @espn: DOMINANCE. Clemson takes down Georgia Tech with the biggest win in a conference game in ACC history! https://t.co/ZkPQmaDnU7

@SinCityChrisS1 (ChrisS ) tweeted:

@_alexcarson Clemson’s gonna drop73 on ‘em

@slattcam23 (Too Fleetus) tweeted:

RT @BleacherReport: Trevor Lawrence and No. 1 Clemson put up video game numbers against Georgia Tech

@0palescence_ (~sav~) tweeted:

It’s the Clemson sweatshirt that cemented it 4 me https://t.co/hY9fniWoPT

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