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Trend time: Sun Oct 18, 2020
Trend location: United Arab Emirates / United Arab Emirates
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Quand tes fan de scofield mais les tatouages c haram https://t.co/mH0efQok7n

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Yeh jo dil mein qayam kartay hain, Wo hi jeena haram kartay hain. Ayehayehayehaye.

@ubifranklin1 (ubi Franklin ofem) tweeted:

In less than one week, CBN was able to trace the account where donations for #EndSARS were being paid into. However… https://t.co/ln7W5N5O2M

@ShareWills (Share D'Joy) tweeted:

@Drmuzoic @HQNigerianArmy This people dont know their work. Cyber crime is now their work and i think EFCC is now fighting Boko Haram.

@omehi_ (Fave) tweeted:

Shot an innocent man, stood over his bleeding body, mocked & taped him as he begged to speak to his father before h… https://t.co/jDf6f4

@OdeleyeWole (The Pe@cock) tweeted:

Nigerian Army don't have shame. You want to be swinging your dicks and flexing muscles for unarmed civilian protest… https://t.co/GANUHhCoxa

@Haber7 (Haber 7) tweeted:

@icaliskan1 (Cem Ozgecen) tweeted:

Bir TESK Başkanı düşünün ki Onbinlerce İş Adamını ve Esnafı temsil ediyor. Ancak tweetlere yorum yapılmasın diye yo… https://t.co/sZtdLBOyIc

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

All this people didn't die a natural death, they were killed either by boko haram, bandits, herdsmen, or criminals… https://t.co/asCbXsjKhp

@serkancakartal (Serkan ÇAKAR) tweeted:

Yuh be yuh olsun size be!!!! Şu pozisyona ofsayt verildi be! Hiç mi vicdanımız yoktu sizin be!!! Yediğiniz içtiğini… https://t.co/muBMlKgkbb

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