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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Vietnam / Vietnam
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@peoplestyle (PeopleStyle) tweeted:

Sentences we never thought we'd type: Ryan Gosling's facial hair makes him look like a cartoon supervillain. http://t.co/BeaUFYd0Wn

@justinbieber (Justin Bieber) tweeted:

Nice Pose Ryan

@PennCollegeSGA (Penn College SGA) tweeted:

"Miscommunication is the seat of all conflict" - Ryan Gibson, SGA President #PCTRespect #PennCollege @The_First_Gibby http://t.co/LhLiNy9iPj

@inonk_liana (inonk cahyasukma) tweeted:

Dating w/ hubby.. Nahan senyum, padahal saya phobia ketinggian..

@FebbyMrdynt (FEBBY MERDIYANTI) tweeted:

happy weekeeeeeend

@ljcassidy (Laura Cassidy) tweeted:

Very excited that @clairehennessy, @eimear_ryan and I have a new lit journal. We're open for submissions in March: http://t.co/t09MwbpkoB

@SpursOfficial (Tottenham Hotspur) tweeted:

U18s: This is the moment Ryan Loft fired us ahead against @FulhamFC. Second half getting underway shortly... #COYS http://t.co/I2MWl0kISH

@Neroli_Meadows (Neroli Meadows) tweeted:

It's absurd that a tournament can go for six weeks & a game can't be rescheduled. Fortnight between games for Australia seems ridiculous

@EmKWhy (Matty Kaye) tweeted:

@tom_eastwood Ryan captained Kane!

@DeniRangga1 (Danny) tweeted:

RT @FebbyMrdynt: happy weekeeeeeend

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