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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Klang / Malaysia
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@King_of_Derps (줄리아나) tweeted:

Como vc cresceu Hoseok

@Hobie94 (carla) tweeted:

22 things i love about J-Hope 1. His eye-smile #HappyHopeDay http://t.co/6jYIslzYgV

@MIKTAEHYUNG (jo치 ) tweeted:

remember when Hoseok's shoe fell off when they were performing then there's Kim Taehyung #HappyHopeDay http://t.co/vlNc3v5yjE

@AntiKyungSoo_ (sami.) tweeted:

J HORSE ♥ #HappyHopeDay http://t.co/Xhx1iMDwne

@fairyseok (mibs {s-h} ) tweeted:

eu amo tanto essa coisinha que chega a doer #HappyHopeDay http://t.co/g8z1JYkp5S

@fairyseok (mibs {s-h} ) tweeted:

só pra lembrar como a vida é bela #HappyHopeDay http://t.co/DSIWJhLu1p

@KTHJM9595 (-) tweeted:

@parkimtaeyeol @bngbngtn @VumbbleTae @yeppeotae @multibias @taehyumgkim ACTUALLY AFTER 17 MINUTES ITS #HappyHopeDay NA

@parkjamjam_kr (잼잼) tweeted:

행복 비타민 호석아 생일축하해! 오늘은 다른날보다 더 행복하고 사랑가득한 날이되길! #HappyHopeDay http://t.co/lyZX6pGdct , http://t.co/ds6qowRtgJ http://t.co/R8MLgnAGoQ

@JININDEYEO (진인데여) tweeted:

♥희망이를 희망희망♥ 방탄소년단 제이홉의 생일을 축하합니다!! 호석아 생일축하해~ >ㅅ< 꺆!!! #방탄소년단 #BTS #jhope #홉이생일ᄎᄏ #HappyHopeDay @BTS_twt http://t.co/PflZQr32Nr

@AN109701 (Ainnie ) tweeted:

This is so cute!! #HappyHopeDay http://t.co/D4Mmd7FUFG

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