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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Klang / Malaysia
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@JaymiiWoodhouse (Jamie Woodhouse) tweeted:

My new crush

@kadeart (Kadeart) tweeted:

How to be the #Kingsman http://t.co/cEchzubcqO

@luxury (Bloomberg Pursuits) tweeted:

Dress like a movie super spy http://t.co/RMkuNYG8o4 #Kingsman http://t.co/o52UNwp2EQ

@KingsmanMovie (Kingsman) tweeted:

@KasondraFugate Make a date with real action, Kasondra. The #Kingsman will be waiting. http://t.co/pto7bgVDar

@ai_n555 (อยากนอน24ชั่วโมง) tweeted:

อะไรคือมีคนบอกว่า kingsman = jamesbond + kickass + brokeback mountain (.......) #อ๊ะ

@KamalRahmann (King) tweeted:

The moment kingsman finished, I stepped out the hall speaking bloody British.

@sweetykate1509 (kate) tweeted:

Why no one draw kingsman minseok? ;A;

@hazirahzeee (hazirah zee) tweeted:

Anyone dh tgk kingsman? Best takkk

@shaaviniganeson (shaav) tweeted:

Kingsman was sooooooo gooood

@Nausairfan (Aucä⠀) tweeted:

Aduh nk tgok kingsman dgn family tpi adik tk lepas plak

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