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@BradWete (Brad Wete) tweeted:

This is all great. I like the Wes Matthews add, too. But I’m still hoping Dwight stays with them. Played well all y… https://t.co/ZJhb27ekIe

@maxgreer21 (Max Greer) tweeted:

RT @TheHoopCentral: Lakers turn Danny Green and a 1st-Round Pick into Dennis Schroeder Sign Wesley Matthews, arguably an upgrade to Danny…

@MarlonJr77 (Midnight Destroyer) tweeted:

RT @KingJosiah54: When Dwight Howard told LeBron he signing with the Sixers https://t.co/jpgRdrUWAF

@InfoJournalTV (Info Journal TV) tweeted:

RT @TrashTalk_fr: Tristan Thompson agent-libre, 3 scénarios principaux : - Prend la place de Dwight et rejoint LeBron aux Lakers - Renforc…

@SuperFlyMK (MK!) tweeted:

RT @WorldWideWob: this is wild. first Bogdan Bogdanovic, then Dwight Howard, now Christian Wood. it feels like front office execs and agent…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@heavysharkk @Butterfly_424 Dwight is better than TT.. please not TT

@bsimmstexas (B-SimmS) tweeted:

RT @LakeShowYo: what we not about to do is slander Dwight Howard.. he fulfilled his promise by returning to LA and bringing home a champion…

@firelordelliu (⭐️) tweeted:

Danny green, quinn cook & dwight howard por dennis schroeder, montrez harell y wesley mathews? Rob pelinka goat

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @LAX_CAL: Dwight は責められないな、彼は救済を求め、与えられた仕事だけに集中するといい、優勝に貢献してくれた。 「評価」を求めたが得られたのはミニマムの1年オファーのみ。 もしかするとオファーを保留したのはLakers側かもしれないし。 だからSha…

@pablo_pinav83 (Pablo Pinel) tweeted:

RT @rubenparratdj: El porro de la noche #NBA: Dwight Howard tuitea que se queda en los Lakers, que es su casa, que si los fans... bla bla b…

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