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@kstreetmanila (KStreetManila) tweeted:

SB19 dedicates "ikako" to all our frontliners who are doing their best for everyone. #SB19onGlobalLive SB19 best boys

@yanidedios (Julian de Dios) tweeted:

Grabe kayo, pwede magpahinga!? wala kayong hingal!? Ako yung mabibinat sainyo eh. #SB19onGlobalLive @SB19Official

@JohnnyThorFish (Angkol A'tin ) tweeted:

I think si Global Live yung may prob. @SB19Official #SB19onGlobalLive

@kstreetmanila (KStreetManila) tweeted:

Justin says that a portion of the concert's proceeds will go to all those in need due to the last four typhoons tha… https://t.co/gre0mgSztW

@carlguevarra09 (Juan Carl) tweeted:

Support! @SB19Official #SB19onGlobalLive https://t.co/Q1ShWiODgr

@PEPalerts (Official PEP.ph) tweeted:

"Huwag mong ikunot ang iyong noo..." Finale dance-song number of @SB19Official #SB19onGlobalLive https://t.co/XMzk0nhVUG

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

either refund or replay. that's on periodt. @SB19Official #SB19onGlobalLive

@pepsiphl (Pepsi Philippines) tweeted:

LSS kami sa Sundin Ang Puso!

@KENTINLANDIAN (leyana ) tweeted:

"sa likod ng camera, ang dami naming pinagdaanan" PUTANGINA

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Justin was trying not to cry. He was so close on crying so he requested: “Group hug tayo...” with a smile on his f… https://t.co/PBmYAmPYIa

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