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Trend time: Fri Nov 20, 2020
Trend location: France / France
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@SkyCookie63 (SkɣCɔɔkiɛ63) tweeted:


@jokle5 (el calvito no tan ca) tweeted:

@NVIDIAGeForceES @jotwic #GiftAGamer venga ranita de mis amores que igual hay suerte

@SkyCookie63 (SkɣCɔɔkiɛ63) tweeted:

@NVIDIAGeForceFR @popop128 le plus beau #GiftAGamer

@Ciscu_Illa (CiscuGTX) tweeted:

@NVIDIAGeForceLA Pal CSGO @mrmarogo #GiftAGamer

@FranHinoVoa (Antica) tweeted:

@NVIDIAGeForceES #GiftAGamer @xNeg3sis es un crack, se monta las mejores películas en el Among Us. Ni Scorsese.

@Kaegaruu_Sensei () tweeted:

@Jm5photographi @NVIDIAGeForceFR C'est clair qu'on serait archi bien avec ça

@Kaegaruu_Sensei () tweeted:


@ClumsyTVx (Adam Boulter) tweeted:

RT @NVIDIAGeForceUK: Our #GiftAGamer Holiday 2020 Contest is live!

@antho_cl () tweeted:


@mando_nandos (cheeky mando's ) tweeted:

@NVIDIAGeForce @ahmadnasrinn nice guy, pro player, always PMA, carried my rank till ancient #GiftAGamer

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