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Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: Semarang / Indonesia
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@MotoGP (MotoGP™) tweeted:

Scorching pace from @BradBinder_41!

@MotoGP (MotoGP™) tweeted:

This is sensational from @_moliveira88!

@MotoGP (MotoGP™) tweeted:

4th-15th all in one group! ⚔️ @polespargaro has a queue of riders chasing him!

@MotoGP (MotoGP™) tweeted:

Rematch anyone?

@MotoGP (MotoGP™) tweeted:

The world champion is out! ❌ @JoanMirOfficial has retired in the pits, a huge blow to @suzukimotogp's hopes of the… https://t.co/kxBVXriXyv

@MotoGP (MotoGP™) tweeted:

Whoever thought we'd see this?

@MotoGP (MotoGP™) tweeted:

Five laps to go!

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@suzukimotogp (Team Suzuki Ecstar) tweeted:

Champions Selfie!

@CoachConceicao (Sérgio Conceição) tweeted:

Parabéns ao @_moliveira88, um grande embaixador do nosso país. Grande vitória em casa, que a próxima seja com o ban… https://t.co/1VYljRzC1A

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