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Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: San Diego / United States
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@FourWitTheFive (✖️isaiah.✖️) tweeted:

Carson Wentz still has over $100M left on his contract

@BloggingTheBoys (Blogging The Boys) tweeted:

Carson Wentz

@PeteDittoe (Pete) tweeted:

Why doesn’t Carson wentz get the hate that baker does?!?!?

@andybehrens (Andy Behrens) tweeted:

Carson Wentz entered the week leading the league in INTs, sacks and fumbles, a triple crown commonly known as the Full Bortles.

@NFLonFOX (FOX Sports: NFL) tweeted:

Wentz with a

@The_Briian_King (Brian ) tweeted:

RT @BrendenDeegNFP: Doug I beg of you .... Get Carson Wentz outside the pocket.

@MollyRB93 (Molly Barson) tweeted:

RT @BenjaminSolak: The Eagles are actively playing bad players (Jason Peters, Jalen Mills, Carson Wentz) over players who are not only pote…

@Brando_202 (Grimey .9 Iron) tweeted:

@DaMonelove22 Who wentz

@BaeKeifer (TurKeifer. Ⓥ) tweeted:

Carson wentz stinks.

@jordan_lac (Eagles (3-6-1)) tweeted:

@mikeeraysor It’s not that he’s the only problem, the whole team fucked up lmao but making excuses for the guy ever… https://t.co/K5FgUAFUaG

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