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Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: San Diego / United States
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@AngieSee21 (Angie) tweeted:

Here comes the nerves #Browns @GVartwork https://t.co/1C6FLag33A

@danorlovsky7 (Dan Orlovsky) tweeted:

Do the ordinary “extraordinarily” well...@Browns https://t.co/5BV5FR94Lb

@bubbagumpino (Gump Cathcart) tweeted:

Eagles and Browns backers watching Wentz and Mayfield https://t.co/Zk1G3Behdt

@EddieSportas (Eddie) tweeted:

#Browns offense is a dumpster fire.

@clevezirm (Jordan Zirm) tweeted:

Browns should never have to play outside again after this imo

@PatrickKnox11 (Patrick Knox) tweeted:

Early Christmas gift from Maura. A little live Browns action today with @Knoxer_22_23 and @jhwknox https://t.co/3QNAR2lE7s

@sethjoyner (Seth Joyner) tweeted:

Halftime breakdown, analysis and observations Eagles 0 vs Browns 7 https://t.co/08BcPPlbm1

@FDSportsbook (FanDuel Sportsbook) tweeted:

When your friend told you to take the over in Eagles/Browns https://t.co/X6aXSO6yom

@Browns (Cleveland Browns) tweeted:

From 46 yards out ... https://t.co/aLDh8DDvNG

@Browns (Cleveland Browns) tweeted:


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