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Randy Bullock

Trend time: Mon Nov 09, 2020
Trend location: San Antonio / United States
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@JoeGoodberry (Goodberry) tweeted:

Bengals were moving pretty good on the opening drive. Randy Bullock pulled a calf or two and they get no points.

@Nati_Sports (‘Nati Sports) tweeted:

Randy Bullock are you kidding me you fat ass

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I said it after Week 1 & I’ll say it again... the @Bengals needed to CUT RANDY BULLOCK!!!

@JoeGoodberry (Goodberry) tweeted:

Randy Bullock gotta go

@TheTylerDragon (Tyler Dragon) tweeted:

Randy Bullock's calves must be bothering him...#Bengals

@Edorsey1234 (Evan Dorsey) tweeted:

Randy Bullock kicking https://t.co/oQEV2pOZjw

@mjboylson (Matt Boylson) tweeted:

Randy Bullock next Sunday after getting shit canned. @CincyProblems https://t.co/L5emxnLs2N

@ActionNetworkHQ (The Action Network) tweeted:

Randy Bullock so far today: missed 34-yard FG, missed XP Bengals bettors: https://t.co/9SzqulooR9

@jcc__13 (Jacqueline♠️) tweeted:

If Randy Bullock has a job tomorrow I’ll start a riot @CincyProblems

@BowyerRobin (Robin Bowyer) tweeted:

@Bengals Randy Bullock and Alex Erickson are obvious liabilities for this team right now. Erickson has looked incre… https://t.co/R5kl6fMXcy

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