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Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: Surabaya / Indonesia
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@DeLigtMyBalls (Rupert Mac) tweeted:

@DiogoJota18 is just loving life at Liverpool ❤️ get in lad

@rmshetty19 (Rakshit Shetty) tweeted:

RT @ranjithtk: Jotaaaaaa. Record breaker

@davidjlowe (David Lowe ⭐️) tweeted:

Robertson to Jota. 2-0!!!!! What a finish. ⚽⚽ #LIVLEI #YNWA #LiverpoolFC

@4evaAnthonylfc (Black Mamba) tweeted:


@a7mmed24 (أحمد) tweeted:

يا كاتب التاريخ أكتب جوتا من الأساطير جوتا يسجل بشكل متتالي في أول4مباريات في الانفليد في بطولة الدوري #YNWA https://t.co/B8WPPoKgun

@Labokeep (Labo Keep) tweeted:

United fans hawana chao hapa, walale #YNWA

@milehkevin (kakarot) tweeted:

Liverpool are a joy to watch! Damn their fans must be feeling so good! To have a team that plays football no matter… https://t.co/oZs5NOR6l2

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

His name is DIOGO Jota

@BradGroom7 (Bradmate) tweeted:

We’re playing at 50/60% of our normal 11, and we’re still looking dominant as ever, just wait till we get that full squad back #YNWA

@LinkonSantana (Linkon Santana) tweeted:

Diogoal Jota, the record man #YNWA

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