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Trend time: Thu Nov 19, 2020
Trend location: Salt Lake City / United States
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@DavidMTodd (David Todd) tweeted:

Jags get first gain since opening drive & personal foul on Nelson gets them to midfield. HOW DID THAT just go on Nelson??? #Steelers

@drewmagary (Drew Magary) tweeted:

Those powerful Jags fans, always breaking contain https://t.co/JagSzlMjU5

@JoshuaTorrey (Joshua Torrey) tweeted:

This Jags OL has looked very good today. Meanwhile Haden holding his leg does not look good.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Robinson close to hitting the over on rushing yards

@SaWdAKiNg (Educated Savage ) tweeted:

@MGambit7 Jags, they getting right though

@93TilLongevity (1993) tweeted:

Duval Jags 8u vs GTM Hurricanes 8u Conference Championship https://t.co/VRWKyONC5e via @YouTube

@smeier87 (Scott Meier) tweeted:

Should be a 3 score game but here we are jags trying to make it a 1 score game

@therealfieldz (SoRry) tweeted:

Repost:(@jaguars) Jacksonville Jaguars Star ⭐️ Rookie Daniel Thomas spotted in our Flamingo

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@Urunderarrest Imagine out of all teams the streaks ending against the jags

@_KG60 (KG) tweeted:

Jags is so sorry

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