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Damien Harris

Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: St. Louis / United States
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Wheres damien harris!

@AntonChigurh81 (Stevie Wonder) tweeted:

RT @chatham58: Is Damien Harris still in Houston?

@maxwellshaw (Maxwell Shaw) tweeted:

It boggles my mind that Damien Harris has like 10 carries. He’s the best player in this offense why do you give the best player the ball

@NikNguyen_ (slant boy) tweeted:

Run. Damien. Harris. #NEvsHOU

@bringsnacks__ (fuck off kevin) tweeted:

Is Damien Harris hurt? @Patriots #nfl

@RyanPayne32 (Ryan Payne) tweeted:

So Burkhead is now out and James White is getting RB1 duties instead of Damien Harris. What is Josh McDaniels doing?

@AJKriete81 (AJ Kriete) tweeted:

.@bigjimmurray Bill getting cute going all PASS PASS PASS PASS, not RUN RUN RUN RUN. Where the f*ck is Damien Harris? I'm livid.

@alexlittle25th (#FireBelichick (4-6)) tweeted:

I start the emerging #1 RB Damien Harris against the worst rushing defense in the NFL, so naturally it’s a James White game

@CJGolson (CJ Golson ) tweeted:

RT @DanKelley66: Is this a case of Belichick/McDaniels outthinking themselves? Damien Harris has been great and the Texans run defense is t…

@thomas_byrne15 (Thomas Byrne) tweeted:

What a catch Damiere!! (Damien Harris hasn’t had a rushing attempt since the beginning of the second quarter)

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