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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: St. Louis / United States
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@PghSteelersNow (Steelers Now) tweeted:

The #Steelers will get CB Mike Hilton and DL Chris Wormley back for their defensive rotation vs. the #Jaguars, but… https://t.co/a9YZMquD8z

@dlolley_pgh (Dale Lolley) tweeted:

Interception. Terrell Edmunds gets his first since his rookie season. Pure overthrow. Wouldn't be surprised if we s… https://t.co/6wB3SNBSRu

@DavidMTodd (David Todd) tweeted:

Edmunds INT. 28 seconds left in the half. Overthrow by Luton. #Steelers

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Even Edmunds got an INT this year? This year is different

@westrowhendo (John Henderson) tweeted:

#dogs #lostdogs @lostdogrescue https://t.co/0mLkk8TF91

@theWHIZ_63 (Weekend Whiz) tweeted:

RT @Alex_Kozora: Terrell Edmunds interception! https://t.co/1CQqvswOVL

@ericcbarnes (Eric Barnes) tweeted:

@EliteJuJu You mean Edmunds?

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@AdamParkhomenko @edmunds_dowling I looked at the NBC lineup and I have decided that I’m not gonna miss a single sh… https://t.co/7syNOtSJve

@PhilSama_ (Ultra.Ceo®️) tweeted:

@timbrownjrxv It’s about time Edmunds get a pick he’s been dominant this year in coverage not go lie that’s what I was worried about

@G_Polo (Dillon Saks) tweeted:

RT @Alex_Kozora: That's Terrell Edmunds first INT since the third game of his career, Week 3 of 2018 against the Bucs. #Steelers

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