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@NLong72 (Neva) tweeted:

375/ 2013 Trump Tower gambling ring cont’d

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

The senior prosecutor during the Mueller investigation of Trump makes a good point: If they don’t prosecute Trump f… https://t.co/XIAy9LZH69

@MilesTaylorUSA (Miles Taylor) tweeted:

We served on Trump’s homeland security team. We are calling on him to stop his efforts to overturn the election & f… https://t.co/VVnEKM

@AlfredoeOrtega (Alfredo Ortega) tweeted:

Y pensar que fue él uno de los que le metió a Trump al farsante socialista de Guaidó por los ojos. https://t.co/WaYOfPAulo

@HonorAndDaring (Michael Sebastian) tweeted:

If Trump can expose the corruption and win, it will be one of the most epic victories in history.

@organic_ellie (Ellie) tweeted:

@SenexBarbatus @Popehat Who cares. Judge played into the Trump plan. He wants them thrown out at state level to hea… https://t.co/VyRtvZyV4E

@jamiedupree (Jamie Dupree) tweeted:

The GOP nessage: Vote by mail is safe and secure in FL, OH, NC. BUT Vote by mail is filled with fraud in GA, WI, M… https://t.co/KfG1vBi4JA

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

This is only the beginning, our healthcare system is being overrun and the personnel is being hammered physically a… https://t.co/U64Oe46T5G

@ari_russian () tweeted:

I don’t identify as a Republican. I, along with 80 million others are part of the Trump Party.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Is it time for Twitter to block trump?

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