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Trend time: Thu Oct 29, 2020
Trend location: Thessaloniki / Greece
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@martin37725365 (martin hooper) tweeted:

One of the greatest days ever when I met #rihanna at house of fraser london perfume launch august 20 11 #rihannanavy https://t.co/M9rzuylIA2

@jesswade (Dr Jess Wade ) tweeted:

cool fact: in London we have a bunch of places that have ‘protected views’ of the skyline. that means that tall bui… https://t.co/lpw4WGJoP2

@Clark1995C (Chloe Clark ⚧) tweeted:

Another fake LGB group to promote transphobia and homophobia based in London. As someone from the UK i can only apo… https://t.co/D5b2encicF

@Osas_art (Saitama) tweeted:

2020 was the year I made the decision to switch careers. Learnt to code from scratch and went from a Petroleum and… https://t.co/xnAgomhfMg

@DarrenPlymouth (Darren of Plymouth ) tweeted:

Every Sunday, weather permittting, #Dartmoor love. And I'll be damned if some cockwomble fascists in London try an… https://t.co/bnbT3GKH8z

@makethefiregrow (tori ) tweeted:

since it’s the last match of the atp finals in London I want to bring this back https://t.co/8arl8ZFcSw

@LeamYids (Chris) tweeted:

Nicolas Pépé's red card means he will miss the North London Derby. Tottenham are expected to appeal the decision.

@PHN16 (PHN16) tweeted:

1970 London - Mexico #Rally Another series from David and Goliath #RollsRoyce SS vs #Porsche911 S 2.0 in a special… https://t.co/OqzNyxltm0

@trapyeezus (fbg mike) tweeted:

bmore niggas sound like theyre disabled yutes from west london https://t.co/boHnmaOEvU

@TheMurkyDepths (Murky Depths) tweeted:

Such as this render: Where's the space for a cycle lane? This is beside dual carriageway that was part of proposed… https://t.co/92tzVsQU82

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