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Tim Russert

Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: Sacramento / United States
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@knitvspurl (✡️ MG ✡️ #BeNotoriou) tweeted:

@KevinMKruse Or give it to someone who is willing to challenge guests, no matter their ideology. Damn, but I miss Tim Russert.

@Terris_Bueller (Terris Bueller's Day) tweeted:

@LynnSharig8 In Tim Russert we trust(ed). RIP, you were the best. https://t.co/pzRsFgh0Nm

@larry_author (AmericaAdrift) tweeted:

What is it going to take @NBCNews @NBCPolitics @nbc to realize how incompetent and disrespected @chucktodd is and w… https://t.co/u3JboIABFr

@BBBBillFarlie (william f) tweeted:

RT @LynnSharig8: We knew Tim Russert, Tim Russert was a friend of ours- and you, Chuck Todd, are NO Tim Russert.

@NomNomGNOSH (NomNom) tweeted:

RT @tomiahonen: Chuck Todd is the Eric Trump of Meet The Press hosts And obviously, Rachel Maddow is the reincarnation of Tim Russert. #F…

@Cybuhrina (Cybuhrina) tweeted:

RT @Bobby_Don_Welch: @AdamParkhomenko I miss Tim Russert, he was great on Meet the Press. https://t.co/1gUSk06G2J

@iTrishLane (Trish Lane) tweeted:

RT @ducksinmypool: @mmpadellan @MSNBC Whenever I see Chuck Todd trending, my first thought is always “What did the moron do now?” Tim Russ…

@Cybuhrina (Cybuhrina) tweeted:

RT @Monaheart1229: Chuck Todd is a National Embarrassment He should not be the anchor of a formerly highly respected Sunday Show let alone…

@66Wiley (Wiley) tweeted:

@djrothkopf @MSNBC Tim Russert had a law degree. Chuck Todd has only a high school diploma.

@Kc_indep_lady (Moo moo) tweeted:

RT @hollyrpeete: I miss Tim Russert. https://t.co/oRKQmaW2xL

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