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Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: Sacramento / United States
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Protect people in nursing homes.. they don't deserve to be a casualty of your political beliefs. They dont deserve… https://t.co/22vU24mllw

@EssexPR (Adam Brooks) tweeted:

People protesting all over the country,u simply cannot dismiss these people as #Covidiots or #Selfish etc They are… https://t.co/R8URmo9c2A

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Étienne Klein, physicien et philosophe des sciences à propos des tests #PCR Superbe démonstration mathématique de… https://t.co/sgIiOOk3zv

@Psikorps (Psikorps) tweeted:

Anyone wanna raise their hand, step up and volunteer, with no access to any kind of PPE? No? Then wear a mask, si… https://t.co/1SMtiqK6CW

@Psikorps (Psikorps) tweeted:

As we come upon another lockdown... #COVIDIOTS https://t.co/20ZpUSoAFg

@FemdomTherapy (Dr. Lovejoy) tweeted:

I can’t believe anyone would admit to leisure or non essential travel right now. How embarrassing to be the epitom… https://t.co/vraz7iCau4

@FoamingPenguin (George A. Polisner, ) tweeted:

Hope they can intubate each other, and not endanger front line healthcare workers. #COVIDIOTS https://t.co/CMWnskdyXn

@bsugar77 (L.A.) tweeted:

Dear Americans, you are your own worst enemy. Your unwillingness to sacrifice a little bit of discomfort (masks, te… https://t.co/91LPCWuZNa

@alanna8675309 (Ŋō Ċʊɩʈ 45 *********) tweeted:

Healthcare workers are legit veterans...walking outside the warzone (hospital) and seeing people not masking up, is… https://t.co/8cimdkXga3

@christoq (Strictly Count All T) tweeted:

Another maskless Karen ridiculed and booted out of a store in New York. #covidiots https://t.co/pyJW78rz51

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