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Michael Conway

Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: Sacramento / United States
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@Judson4Congress (Mark Judson For Cong) tweeted:

Michael Conway: No %$@& Way! Almost 74 Million people voted to destroy our 244 year old Democracy to install a di… https://t.co/gAtTUG

@Nikluk (Mom,Veteran,Consumer) tweeted:

@5_2blue Who is Michael Conway and why should I care what he thinks? #IndictDonaldTrump

@AydnSelcen (Aydın Selcen) tweeted:

RT @MSNBC: Opinion | Michael Conway: If President-elect Joe Biden hopes to fulfill his pledge to unify the nation, he should do the unthink…

@crislake (chris g) tweeted:

RT @PieceDeReSister: Dear Michael Conway: The biggest mistake the North made after the Civil War was to ease off the traitors who’d tried…

@IndieRevolver (Indie Revolver - BLM) tweeted:

RT @mmpadellan: Anyone who thinks pardoning trump would unify the nation hasn't been paying attention at all. trump would happily take the…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @EwfIndy: Hello Michael Conway, PARDON TRUMP?????? F*ck NO. Why the HELL do you think he is what he is today?? Because his whole lif…

@phylmoser (Phyllis Moser) tweeted:

Answer to Michael Conway. No.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @88SEATTLE61: @MSNBC @NBCNewsTHINK NO ! NO ! NO ! AND . . . NO ! Pardoning or forgiving Trump and his enablers ? Absolutely not !…

@Maddie_Jore (Maddie Jore) tweeted:

RT @thinman_2001: Does Michael Conway think the Nuremberg Trials were a mistake because they served to divide post-war Germany?

@GelberLaw () tweeted:

RT @Nikluk: @5_2blue Who is Michael Conway and why should I care what he thinks? #IndictDonaldTrump

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