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Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: Sacramento / United States
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@ShamsCharania (Shams Charania) tweeted:

The Los Angeles Lakers have emerged as a serious suitor for Marc Gasol, sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium. Cham… https://t.co/YuoiH9bdUV

@BleacherReport (Bleacher Report) tweeted:

Lakers have emerged as a “serious suitor” for Marc Gasol, per @ShamsCharania https://t.co/UeQem8Xlns

@ekoreen ((((Eric Koreen)))) tweeted:

The Raptors can just sign Ibaka, Gasol, Danny and Kawhi back next offseason and it will be like they never left. Everybody calm!

@vkillem (Vinay Killawala) tweeted:

Lakers need to prioritize Markieff and Gasol. Those are no brainer decisions for the front office.

@ShamsCharania (Shams Charania) tweeted:

Marc Gasol is narrowing his focus to the Lakers and Raptors, and L.A. is working market place to find way to improv… https://t.co/FC8cFBYxZP

@ShamsCharania (Shams Charania) tweeted:

Mavericks emerged as a finalist for Marc Gasol in recent days, sources said. He's now narrowed his choices: Lakers… https://t.co/wZh395dhWX

@TheSteinLine (Marc Stein) tweeted:

@NYTSports The Lakers, league sources say, have explored trading away JaVale McGee to create more financial flexibi… https://t.co/epxvzYr8HP

@mollyhannahm (Molly Morrison) tweeted:

marc gasol being the bachelor of free agency is something i don’t think any of us saw coming https://t.co/XGPmRfbGsB

@KingJosiah54 (Josiah Johnson) tweeted:

Jeanie, Pelinka and Pau convincing Marc Gasol to come to the Lakers https://t.co/W36l4WMZOk

@LakeShowYo (LakeShowYo) tweeted:

Rob Pelinka figuring out how to get Marc Gasol on the Lakers https://t.co/IZrcg8E4sC

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