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Joe Burrow

Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: Sacramento / United States
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@AdamSchefter (Adam Schefter) tweeted:

Joe Burrow being carted off....

@AdamSchefter (Adam Schefter) tweeted:

It’s a left knee injury for Joe Burrow... https://t.co/uMT0jvMea4

@TroyMachir (Troy Machir) tweeted:

Video of Joe Burrow's injury. Wooof. https://t.co/1ZDBw4itxz

@asvpkb (Kyle) tweeted:

Joe burrow carted off https://t.co/qFaWnlP0SM

@SportsCenter (SportsCenter) tweeted:

Joe Burrow has been carted off after suffering an apparent left leg injury: https://t.co/d2yvwhjOaB

@BleacherReport (Bleacher Report) tweeted:

Joe Burrow has been carted off the field after suffering an apparent leg injury https://t.co/A41Jy7lONQ

@BenScottStevens (Ben Stevens) tweeted:

All of America watching Joe Burrow get carted off

@SNFonNBC (Sunday Night Footbal) tweeted:

Joe Burrow is being carted off the field in Washington. All love from his teammates. ❤️ (via @JPFinlayNBCS) https://t.co/AUtuHUWToV

@geauxsohard (Will Ogburn) tweeted:

Drew Brees and Joe Burrow hurt I hate this year so much man

@ringer (The Ringer) tweeted:

Joe Burrow has been carted off the field after an apparent knee injury https://t.co/EWx0zkPlNv

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