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Matt Ryan

Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: Sacramento / United States
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@JohnJHendrix (John Hendrix) tweeted:

Down goes Matt Ryan. Demario Davis.

@ShortyBlanco3 () tweeted:

They fucking Matt Ryan up

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I absolutely love seeing Matt Ryan sacked.

@zrau (SEC Basketball Fan Z) tweeted:

Honk if you sacked Matt Ryan.

@Sammy_Socialite (BIG LATTO SAMMY ) tweeted:

Lmfaaaaooooo goofy ass Matt Ryan today

@MyLifeAsJ (J.) tweeted:

Seeing Matt Ryan sacked brings me so much joy

@NahDoe_ () tweeted:

Matt Ryan ass so sorry

@Angel_Gray1 (Angel Gray) tweeted:

Matt Ryan.....throw. the. BALL!!!!

@Mo_S10 (Mo) tweeted:

Matt Ryan has the pocket presence of a 90 year old.

@MellamoCalvin (exaggerated swagger) tweeted:

Dirk koetter gotta go. Julio gotta go Matt Ryan gotta go. Is what it is said what I said. Julios getting paid entir… https://t.co/r6FMbip5ox

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