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Taysom Hill

Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: Sacramento / United States
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@jayhawk4life35 (What's my age again?) tweeted:

@ESPNFantasy Taysom Hill should not be a tight end. Im playing against 2 qbs this week. #bullshit

@SportsBros (The Sports Bros) tweeted:

Taysom Hill is the talk of the NFL today. I’m freaking LOVING it.

@AndyHermanNFL (Andy Herman) tweeted:

There is an actual coup taking place in America right now and the fact that people aren’t even talking about it is… https://t.co/5Z338WTfNg

@gjarjour (George Jarjour) tweeted:

Serious question. Is Taysom Hill's best play to chuck the ball 50 feet high in the air and hope it comes down in a Saints players hand?

@Ihartitz (Ian Hartitz) tweeted:

Taysom Hill completed a 45-yard BOMB. And people questioned if he was even a QB? Smh. Watch the film.

@ChrisHoliday_25 (Holiday#25) tweeted:

@MatthewBerryTMR (Matthew Berry) tweeted:

Rushing touchdown for Taysom Hill. Six points, ahem, whereever he qualifies

@NFL (NFL) tweeted:

Taysom Hill takes it in on 4th and Goal! #Saints

@sharifx25 (sharif) tweeted:

I just want to see Taysom Hill eat a W if the Saints win

@tashanreed (Tashan Reed) tweeted:

Falcons are gonna lose to a team with Taysom Hill playing QB?

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