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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Richmond / United States
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@NYPDSpecialops (NYPD Special Ops) tweeted:

The #NYPD offers our sincerest condolences to @LaVergneTNPD & Officer Darby on the passing of his K9 partner Sjaak… https://t.co/b7lXXv9

@soonergridiron (Sooner Gridiron) tweeted:

Congratulations to Darby Dean. The first female drive of the Sooner Schooner. #OUDNA | #BoomerSooner https://t.co/8WFXFtPcrx

@nmbrophy (Natasha Brophy) tweeted:

women making history. Darby Dean just became the first female driver of the Sooner Schooner. https://t.co/I556NHkPwP

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Fun times wit lil bros

@elledarby (Elle ✨) tweeted:

Spend A Cosy Sunday With Us | Festive Weekend Vlog | Elle Darby https://t.co/BKXAzoslVd via @YouTube https://t.co/gGDGQnGJCM

@willo1246 (proud veteran from a) tweeted:

Never forget K9 down. La Vergne Police K9 Sjaak killed in an ambush attack. The ambush attack occurred just after… https://t.co/aLuFGGbrM8

@johnpatcart8 (JohnCarter) tweeted:

MY GIRL!!!! Shoutout to the Lil Sis and how far they have come. Things like this are the reason why I wanted to be… https://t.co/OGbP6RHZOS

@WeirdlandTales (Tales from Weirdland) tweeted:

The banshee from Disney’s Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959). When Disney villains are terrifying, they are… https://t.co/CNb5zmtvJt

@OHMileSplit (Ohio MileSplit) tweeted:

"My interest in Ohio State was initiated by the many Hilliard Darby coaches who ran there and I knew that the train… https://t.co/VH7E4iwPxX

@FiftyGutBlog (FGB ) tweeted:

Darby quietly having a really nice season.

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