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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Richmond / United States
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@ESPNStatsInfo (ESPN Stats & Info) tweeted:

Nick Chubb transforms the Browns rushing offense. In 5 games with Chubb, the Browns have scored 9 Rush TD while av… https://t.co/zQF2RQLztk

@RyanReynolds618 (RY△N) tweeted:

@OhioStateFB @JoeyB My favorite non browns player

@RuiterWrongFAN (Daryl Ruiter) tweeted:

Olivier Vernon with the sack hat trick, he gets a safety for this one. #Browns 12, #Eagles 7

@karnsies817 (Nick Karns) tweeted:

That is the Olivier Vernon we all thought the Browns traded for!

@Browns (Cleveland Browns) tweeted:

.@oliviervernon54 sacks Wentz in the end zone for the SAFETY

@Mertens_Joe91 (Joe Mertens) tweeted:

So far in this game on FOX we’ve had -multiple issues with the score bug -no first down and line of scrimmage line… https://t.co/j4TFM7fZoL

@RealMamaEagle (Imagine Liking Sport) tweeted:

We've given the Browns 9 of their points. LMAOOOO.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

SIN ESCUSAS CARSON WENTZ, AUTODESTRUCCION Otro HORROR para la lista de Wentz esta temporada!! UN SAFETY!! Increible!! #Browns 12 - #Eagles 7

@RuiterWrongFAN (Daryl Ruiter) tweeted:

End 3: #Browns 12, #Eagles 7.

@ByNateUlrich (Nate Ulrich) tweeted:

End 3Q: #Browns 12, #Eagles 7

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