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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Richmond / United States
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#BecauseOfTacha I love tach and Titans so much ❤️

@Titans (Tennessee Titans) tweeted:


@KyleTucker_ATH (Kyle Tucker) tweeted:

How about that?! Fake punt by the Titans and backup QB Logan Woodside throws a dart to get it. Kentucky boy.

@Titans (Tennessee Titans) tweeted:

@Titans (Tennessee Titans) tweeted:

Gostkowski good from 40. #TENvsBAL https://t.co/gBLSr5rHax

@Titans (Tennessee Titans) tweeted:

Halftime #TENvsBAL https://t.co/UhYASE4nyh

@Titans (Tennessee Titans) tweeted:

Corey Davis

@AustinStanley81 (Austin Stanley) tweeted:

Let me get this straight… Your CENTER goes out.. and you let the back up guard snap to the running back, who can’t catch well??? #Titans

@KRichardsonMMA (Kevin Richardson MMA) tweeted:

@Ravens @Lj_era8 gave @Titans Malcolm Butler a little shoulder after the touchdown to @Mandrews_81 https://t.co/BZOspZp44V

@jwyattsports (Jim Wyatt) tweeted:

All those commenting: Why would the @Titans run a shotgun snap with a new center? My take: A professional center/gu… https://t.co/HB1V9QAZeh

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