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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Venerdì, 22 novembre 1963, ore 12.30. Dallas: viene ucciso il 35esimo presidente degli Stati Uniti d'America, Jo… https://t.co/6hLTNON5RP

@AngeloBramato (Angelo Bramato) tweeted:

“Un uomo può morire, le nazioni possono sorgere e cadere. Ma un'idea sopravvive.” JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY… https://t.co/e7Zm1o4eYS

@apopey (Adam Pope) tweeted:

Bielsa says Rodrigo close to starting but is not quite back up to level he was prior to testing positive for Covid.… https://t.co/B1OnENBz3s

@SixthFlrMuseum (TheSixthFloorMuseum) tweeted:

It is a solemn moment of deep grief here at Dallas Love Field as Secret Service agents carry President Kennedy’s ca… https://t.co/e5cFwZIohm

@Mr_Carter_78 (C-Money⛑) tweeted:

@JoshEberley We built different in Dallas

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @KevinMKruse: @tedcruz They’re *trying* to come and take it, but the lines for food in Texas are a bit long. https://t.co/t6cPd8BxcH

@cool_story_man_ (The Life of Marcus) tweeted:

RT @TopBallCoverage: Free Agency throwback: In 2014, Dirk Nowitzki was offered $92 million deals by both the Lakers and Rockets... He dec…

@SalVadacchino1 (Sal Vadacchino) tweeted:

RT @BeschlossDC: Dallas, today 1963—Waiting to see President Kennedy are Americans unaware of what has just taken place on the other side o…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @ShamsCharania: Free agent center Willie Cauley-Stein has agreed to a two-year, $8.2M deal to return to the Dallas Mavericks, sources te…

@TheRealRobLaw (Lawdog) tweeted:

RT @BeschlossDC: Kennedys at Love Field, Dallas, today 1963: https://t.co/9w2v1uZMsg

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