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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Arsenal decided to choose Money over Club glory and they’re paying the Price , truly deserved. You can’t out your m… https://t.co/8o9n2AH5Dg

@LewisDeighton17 (LUFC Lewis) tweeted:

Battered Arsenal for 90+ minutes and come away with a point. FUCKING ROBBED. #LUFC

@tribundergi (Tribun Dergi) tweeted:

Premier League'de Arsenal, Leeds United ile deplasmanda 0-0 berabere kaldı. —

@KojoBlack_ (The Peoples Elbow) tweeted:

https://t.co/8PHvMQJlhg https://t.co/BKjyWmOgWw

@GrahamSmyth (Graham Smyth) tweeted:

Marcelo Bielsa on Leeds United's dominance of Arsenal, Raphinha's debut and Ian Poveda quelling the head coach's do… https://t.co/giebPJxBDP

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

No one need healing more than arsenal fans and women that hate men

@JamesRoweNL (James Rowe) tweeted:

I see a lot of Gooners on my timeline blaming Pepe, Arteta, & players.I have stated many times IMO that we have an… https://t.co/a6YaQD8

@swp29 (Shaun W-Phillips) tweeted:

And @Twitter say they are protecting people from racial abuse!! When is it enough and when will it stop?!? @Arsenal… https://t.co/v5c7kSh25H

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @Jeff_Tymer_: Name: Nicolas Pepe Price Tag: Paul Pogba Club: Arsenal Hype: Lionel Messi Footballing Brain: Yussouf Mulumbu First To…

@yung_dee7 (Blank Face) tweeted:

RT @MxVelli: This was Lille’s chairman watching Arsenal enter bank details: https://t.co/VPdDfytdlR

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