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Trend time: Thu Oct 29, 2020
Trend location: Rotterdam / Netherlands
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@theumilk99 (G0nÇaL0 ) tweeted:

a cidade : *leicester* ninguem: ingleses: LESTER

@markgoldbridge (Mark Goldbridge) tweeted:

That should be a pen for Leicester....VAR is shite.

@AnfieldWatch (Anfield Watch) tweeted:

Liverpool have 5 attempts so far, with 3 on target. Leicester have had 0.

@markgoldbridge (Mark Goldbridge) tweeted:

Fofano looks brilliant for Leicester. Their recruitment and scouting shits all over United

@govindajeggy (Sanjeev Kohli) tweeted:

An attractive woman in a Leicester City top just dragged a chicken carcass out of our bin & disappeared into a bush… https://t.co/NUMgW7

@youssefsafady (yousef Jamal) tweeted:

I am giving away my ps5 if salah scored against leicester city tonight.

@maverick99sback (Mad Mav* ) tweeted:

This was set up perfectly for Big Brendan, but he’s properly flunked his lines, hasn’t he? Brilliant from Klopp t… https://t.co/oQQAwguXVR

@Paatoh_0925 (Patrick Muhumuza) tweeted:

RT @fblive20: Liverpool vs Leicester City (English

@q8rayr (爪尺. 乃ㄖ卂乙ㄖㄖ乙) tweeted:

#Liverpool ✘ #Leicester بث مباشر https://t.co/eCZceM35FK

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @SPORTTVPortugal: C'mon, @DiogoJota18!

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