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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Portland / United States
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@NFL (NFL) tweeted:

Tyler Boyd has an insane catch radius. #SeizeTheDEY

@NFL (NFL) tweeted:

.@JoeyB to @AJGreen_18 have their first TD connection! #SeizeTheDEY

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Hardly home but.... #CINvsWAS https://t.co/heYyhBd49m

@NBCSWashington (NBCSports Washington) tweeted:

.@OhioStateFB teammates forever

@therealknelson (Kelsey Nicole Nelson) tweeted:

Sweat comes up with the sack! #WashingtonFootball #CINvsWAS

@OfficialSmalC (HANNIBAL) tweeted:

RT @NFL: Tyler Boyd has an insane catch radius. #SeizeTheDEY

@CincyFanZone (Cincy Fan Zone) tweeted:

Finley scrambles for the first #Bengals #WhoDey #SeizeTheDEY ⁠#CINvsWAS

@Will_IKeelYou (The Mad Clapper) tweeted:

The bengals deserve trash they don’t deserve anything nice poor joe #CINvsWAS

@B_R_R_D (3AM Eternal) tweeted:

Hopkins w/ 32-yd FG #WashingtonFootball 17 #Bengals 9 Q3 #CINvsWAS https://t.co/jNwBKh4Xck

@Khephren84 (Khephren84) tweeted:

RT @youdont12: Looks like we’ve lost another QB for awhile. #CINvsWAS https://t.co/BIilhClyRF

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