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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Oklahoma City / United States
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@PARecSpecs (Ryan Maino) tweeted:

Joe Burrow is gonna get David Carr’d really quick unless the Bengals fix that O-line disaster

@alexpryor__ (Alex Pryor) tweeted:

@CincyPD please arrest the Bengals front office, O-Line, and staff as soon as they get off the plane

@FloydMoney_ (Mr. Never Miss a Din) tweeted:

Need help on the o-line and a new OC cause wtf

@bowditch (John Bowditch) tweeted:

I’m honestly surprised he’s made it this long with their O-line https://t.co/AYSVEWA9uD

@develi83 (Devon Whitmer(Baker)) tweeted:

@JoeyB has deserved a better O-Line all season long. I hope & pray he is ok long term. The O-Line should be embarr… https://t.co/DiZYF0

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Bummer for one of the NFL’s best O-Line units. Expect Z to line up primarily on the right hand side today. https://t.co/2wgUeQIXbZ

@Avenged7XFolds (ITsStill Brandan ) tweeted:

@Bengals tell your fucking incompetent dumbass owner to fix your fucking O-Line! Look at what yall did to Joe Burro… https://t.co/SfH4Z63NCg

@anthony_scotti (Anthony Scotti) tweeted:

@incarceratedbob Do the Falcons have the worst O-Line in the league or is the Saints D line that legit ?

@joelrich4goblue (joel richardson) tweeted:

@NobodyEpic Same play calling and o-line is awful and nobody can catch

@jennxriley (jenna!) tweeted:

RT @Q_sea77: *The entire city of Cincinnati as soon as the bengals o-line steps off the plane* https://t.co/Z319zbxWff

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