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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Oklahoma City / United States
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@Pitt_FB (Pitt Football) tweeted:

Game Time Announced ⏱️ Pitt Panthers at Clemson Tigers

@LedyardNFLDraft (Jon Ledyard) tweeted:

The Lions having ZERO points against a Panthers defense the Bucs put up 46 points on in their sleep playing B-grade… https://t.co/MPZkjzdzL9

@RobClaytonDean (O. Beamin) tweeted:

Could care less about the PS5 - PJ Walker dropping dimes. Love to see it. https://t.co/Px2kZL0gUt

@Kreeeve_ (Lawrence ) tweeted:

Panthers about to shut out Detroit tho so atleast there’s that lmao

@_badams1 (hurt.) tweeted:

RT @NFL_DovKleiman: Brian Burns has 2 sacks today against the #Lions, who are scoreless. https://t.co/GlafBWozoQ

@LunaXavier (Xavier) tweeted:

@Panthers I need footage on what shaq said to the team after the loss last week because he put some fire under the defense today

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Turnover on downs. The Panthers start their drive in our own red zone. #OnePride 0-17 #KeepPounding

@SomeDudeInNC (SomeDude) tweeted:

RT @Panthers: We heard if you RT this someone will get you a PS5 https://t.co/QK5T2LhBKP

@SeanPBali (Sean Baligian) tweeted:

This is the Panthers, with a rookie backup QB, backup RB, and a D that can’t stop anybody, dominating the Lions. Embarrassing the Lions.

@MGoPhoenix (Helios Eusebio) tweeted:

RT @DrunkMiggy: The Panthers must be a dictatorship, they are shutting down Kelly’s husband

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