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espero que taylor gane y represente a todas las mujeres que literalmente fueron las únicas que salvaron el 2020

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“we blinked” : a Taylor Swift thread https://t.co/f0uAhEAJXK

@SkellyJingles (Closet Skeleton) tweeted:

#kuroyakuweek2020 Day 3: Oblivious to Love (based on "I'd Lie" by Taylor Swift) I have looked at this for too long,… https://t.co/6yW2uk2ff8

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anya taylor joy behind the scenes of the queen’s gambit https://t.co/Z8PPb2f3UC

@eleanorbate (ellie⁷ ) tweeted:

every time taylor swift says “not a lot going on at the moment” a swiftie conspiracy theorist grows their wings

@adorexiles (ornella) tweeted:

Taylor Swift be like “not a lot going on at the moment” and then release an album

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Eu já vi esse filme Taylor, e o final é delicioso https://t.co/qsxCbVYMOZ

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