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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Turin / Italy
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@Bridget_Otoo (Bee ❤️✌) tweeted:

Thiem is playing and I’m driving

@Spellcratch11 (Kary Thiem) tweeted:

Dominic Thiem right now https://t.co/iILqRuLzW8

@OnlyRogerCanFly (MisterOnly.Tennis) tweeted:

@ESPNtenis (ESPN Tenis) tweeted:

#TENISxESPN Pónganse cómodos y a darle ▶️ a este tremendo rally entre Thiem y Medvedev. https://t.co/hyl2OcpbQS

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

La derecha de Dominic Thiem

@OnlyRogerCanFly (MisterOnly.Tennis) tweeted:

@Phatill (Latifat Adebayo Ohio) tweeted:

Thiem opened up the court by sending Meddy far left, but Meddy still made the following return. Damn!

@ledbacha (´) tweeted:

Cette finale Medvedev Thiem est incroyable comme tous les matchs du Masters

@ByPiro (Vico) tweeted:

L'intensité des coups entre Medvedev et Thiem c'est incroyable, c'est du tennis de très haut niveau là

@Teajoel (Sports Extral) tweeted:

Daniel Medvedev vs Dominic Thiem #ATPTour #NittoATPFinals https://t.co/LRGJSSvjc3

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