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Trend time: Sun Nov 15, 2020
Trend location: Pittsburgh / United States
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@missi_matthews (Missi Matthews) tweeted:

Good morning! Two #Steelers games in five days #HereWeGo https://t.co/1lxtd8Gd6s

@leighgeary8 (Leigh Geary) tweeted:

Weekly traditional selfie @shaun_geary12 #HereWeGo @steelers

@ProFootballHOF (Pro Football Hall of) tweeted:

Milestone ✅ - @ChaseClaypool @steelers | #PITvsJAX | #HereWeGo https://t.co/s28ZONkwEk

@acereros (Steelers en Español) tweeted:

Medio Tiempo. #HereWeGo https://t.co/0UQuBQFuzn

@steelers (Pittsburgh Steelers) tweeted:

Headed to the final quarter on

@dabody52 (Arthur Moats) tweeted:

Big Bud!! Let’s Go!!! #HereWeGo

@indycpa (Mark Fuqua) tweeted:

Gotta love all those Terrible Towels in Jacksonville! #HereWeGo https://t.co/LVqDLt0TQU

@TMcLaughlin18 (Plus Ultra) tweeted:

Ref out there debating whether to throw the flag in his hand....come on lol #HereWeGo

@Xplodmonky (XplodMonky) tweeted:

I'm sorry but are the jacksonville players made of glass or something? They get injured every other play. #HereWeGo

@mar_mor6 (Mar_Mor) tweeted:


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