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Trend time: Sun Nov 15, 2020
Trend location: Norfolk / United States
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Tell me a Rookie better than Claypool

@PFF_Fantasy (PFF Fantasy Football) tweeted:

Chase Claypool

@PlaysOfTheWeek (Joshúa Maya) tweeted:

Chase Claypool sigue facturando, él y Justin Jefferson los mejores WR´s del Draft pasado. https://t.co/eXMhNjrHf0

@GettySport (Getty Images Sport) tweeted:

Chase Claypool of the #PittsburghSteelers makes a catch over Chris Claybrooks of the #JacksonvilleJaguars during th… https://t.co/y998FtgARA

@DevinBushFan (FUCK THE RAVENS (10-) tweeted:

"Fuck it, that looks like Chase Claypool." https://t.co/vPpPpHP0jk

@fantasyf00tball (Tim Thompson) tweeted:

Nice fakeout by Claypool.

@ForTheCOLTure (#RigoStrong #8) tweeted:

Chase Claypool has tied Julio Jones for seasons with 10+ touchdowns... Claypool has played 10 games Jones has played 10 seasons

@candyricheson (candy) tweeted:

These mfs all over Claypool wtf. PI all day

@ROSSI017 (Michael Rossi) tweeted:

I need to start getting fantasy points for all the pass inference calls Claypool draws #Steelers

@fathoneybun (supreme delite✨) tweeted:

They tryna block the fuck outta Claypool

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