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Trend time: Sun Nov 15, 2020
Trend location: Norfolk / United States
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@FortStocktonISD (Fort Stockton ISD) tweeted:

Congratulations to the Panthers for a great run this season! 2020 District Champions 2020 Bi-District Champions… https://t.co/Ye23YCi5Fn

@cx_dong (Cheryl Dong) tweeted:

@KosherSoul This whole situation reminds of the work the Black Panthers did with housing conditions and really how… https://t.co/THdm9fdiKv

@Panthers (Carolina Panthers) tweeted:

Schmoneyyy https://t.co/FeQfZvSYJF

@Panthers (Carolina Panthers) tweeted:

Curtco cashin’ in at the BANK! https://t.co/aBmOOW3RF8

@NFLonFOX (FOX Sports: NFL) tweeted:

Former XFL great @pjwalker_5 with his first career TD Pass in the NFL!!

@American_FB (American Football) tweeted:

Former @Temple_FB QB @pjwalker_5 dropping DIMES today. https://t.co/xRnuMFyReq

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:


@ArthurT254 (Many1) tweeted:

RT @Panthers: Burny B

@GabeStewart2391 (Gabe Stewart) tweeted:

@4MR_KountryKev @Panthers @Fire_Burns99 @4ourmanrush @Usher https://t.co/8uJGCNn9Jq

@289_Fastback (Fastback) tweeted:

RT @Panthers: Schmoneyyy https://t.co/FeQfZvSYJF

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