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@NLong72 (Neva) tweeted:

169/ Dates—

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

idc what anyone says but bts’ ‘cheesy’ and ‘corny’ love songs are the best, let’s look at the material: like just… https://t.co/Y8pAO7Ow73

@IBJIYONGI (Ethereal AnarchoPans) tweeted:

So here’s why this kind of “well, actually” bugs me: this is classic neo-Jim Crow shit where on paper it affects ev… https://t.co/4SCBHcO6I6

@NicmerEvans (Nicmer Evans) tweeted:

Así se vive "el bloqueo" en Caracas... Indignante ver cómo se puede importar camionetas de lujo pero dicen no poder… https://t.co/qI1MAOdfgX

@_benjvmins_ (✨ Hoochie Mama ✨) tweeted:

niggas stay talkin bout who ain’t wifey material. bitch you don’t even know how to change a tire. you just a ho

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

ariana grande girlfriend material; a thread https://t.co/tmrMoeFdyq

@TashyGin (T ) tweeted:

Material things can be gone tomorrow, don’t play with God like that. Don’t ever think your above anyone over material things.

@HealthPakStream (PumpkinPak (she/they) tweeted:

In other news, John Cleese has only ever been funny when someone else wrote material for him or acted around him in… https://t.co/4NIsRBqCmQ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@renoomokri (Reno Omokri) tweeted:

When was the last time you bought: * A phone * Clothes * Shoes When was the last time you bought a book?  Most p… https://t.co/y3ywOabnGk

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