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Trend time: Wed Oct 28, 2020
Trend location: Lausanne / Switzerland
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@ampomata (Ángeles M. Pomata) tweeted:

Thank you so much to the buyer from Switzerland

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

आप लोग बेकार मे केजरीवाल जी को कोसते हो- यमुना का ज़हरीला foam Switzerland की बर्फ़ीली नदी से कम सुंदर है क्या? https://t.co/mVQzw2VErQ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

As we cope with the health effects of #Covid-19, #Switzerland will support more than 1’000 vulnerable households in… https://t.co/NAuKMcoTMu

@lalytatweets (Lalyta ) tweeted:

From a past of international acclaim to a present of national condemnation. Switzerland, like too many countries i… https://t.co/G8TiJFM2I8

@Arcticash97 (Ash) tweeted:

switzerland in winter is phenomenal, HOW is that a REAL LIFE PLACE, SOMEONE TAKE ME THERE https://t.co/Z84YwOMIu5

@skepteis (Daniel Probst) tweeted:

"We [Switzerland]" are not doing significantly worse than the rest of Europe" - The Director of the Federal Office… https://t.co/Qin4ZJbeiF

@cevancoore (Cevan ) tweeted:

Bruh Switzerland is so neutral they don't even have a capital city lmfaoo

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:


@WLW_Arizona (William LevyWorld AZ) tweeted:

Have a Special Sunday! Tener un Domingo Especial! @willylevy29 @WLW_Florida @WLW_Slovakia @wlwrepdom @WLW_COL… https://t.co/if81gTieB9

@ChKnife (Swiss Knife ) tweeted:

Wenger Delemont 85 mm Swiss Army Knives https://t.co/dwFOO5nx2Z via @YouTube @victorinox #victorinox #myvictorinox… https://t.co/s33bT097CU

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