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All other considerations aside, surely everyone grasps by now that whatever Christmas ‘measures’ Johnson announces… https://t.co/LkszbqDO0K

@ConorOToole (Conor O’Toole) tweeted:

It's like the opposite of that time during world war one when everyone decided to take Christmas day off from killi… https://t.co/2XEbmzgllH

@DannyDonnelly1 (Cllr Danny Donnelly) tweeted:

Thanks to the TUV for this reminder about the importance of ‘culture’ at Christmas !

@SteppingStoneDS (Stepping Stones DS) tweeted:

Shopping online for #BlackFriday Deals? Please support Stepping Stones - Fleet on #easyfundraising, you can raise F… https://t.co/y0B5NEWUQA

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I'm going to have an update sometime in the middle of the week, I'm trying to get everything done and ready and get… https://t.co/OL1UOHVSei

@YardleyShooting (Mike Yardley) tweeted:

The BBC reports we will be "allowed" to celebrate Christmas together. F_CK OFF. #1984

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Over 1000 Chickens are now available for grabs. Kindly send in a DM and let’s have a Christmas deal. Thanks in adva… https://t.co/Nc72Z57OkK

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