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Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
Trend location: New York / United States
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@JeffDuncan_ (Jeff Duncan) tweeted:

Man, Sean Payton is really selling this Taysom Hill ruse for all it's worth. Gotta think he's going to go with Jame… https://t.co/WlNKurfZa3

@mrkangaroopkts (Joe Ali) tweeted:

Falcons fans we ride at 5. Meet me there https://t.co/AMZfhYfqXG

@FarFromUsualO_o (L L E R R E T ) tweeted:

Yea, the Falcons weren’t ready for this Saints defense.

@TBob53 (T-Bob Hebert) tweeted:

21 sacks for for Cam Jordan in 19 career games against the Falcons The All Decade Legend continues to kick ass What a warrior

@putemupcdukes (Carl Dukes) tweeted:

7 sacks! 7 All the offensive linemen need to run back to Atlanta as punishment. See y'all Tuesday #Falcons

@SaintsCSC (Canal St. Chronicles) tweeted:

The Falcons have -4 yards in the second half.

@FalconsKelsey (Kelsey Conway) tweeted:

The #Falcons have -4 yards in the second half. No touchdowns, 3 field goals and have given up 7 sacks. Tough day at the office today.

@kendrick_d_hill (Kendrick) tweeted:

I’ll slap everybody in the Falcons organization. On me!

@bucklezzzman (KEV.) tweeted:

I got more yards in the 2nd half than the Falcons offense

@Allen_Strk (Allen Strk) tweeted:

Negative four yards in the second half!! The Falcons offense is putting up Adam Gase numbers. #ATLvsNO

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