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Trend time: Sat Nov 21, 2020
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@jennyleeshee (Jenny Lee Shee) tweeted:

He knew exactly what would happen when he announced a Monday lockdown on a Friday afternoon. We need to make Doug… https://t.co/R2pgs93TRo

@realprinceblue (Prince Blue) tweeted:

Sean Payton is scheming Taysom Hill to victory and Carson Wentz and the human 4.0 GPA and Doug Pederson look like ass water.

@UzairSaleem23 (Uzair $aleem) tweeted:

@RoobNBCS Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman ruined him and the organizations future

@stevenact4 (Snoopy Guerrero Jr) tweeted:

Then talk to Doug Ford. Always three steps behind. https://t.co/a0YjbBdSlw

@buildicllc (Channing H C Baker) tweeted:

RT @BrendenDeegNFP: Doug I beg of you .... Get Carson Wentz outside the pocket.

@romerca (Carlos Römer) tweeted:

RT @JuddLegum:

@Feelorraine (Flipp) tweeted:

I want Wentz gone. I want Doug gone. I’m so sick of this team.

@_MichaelGeddes_ (Michael Geddes) tweeted:

here's my question if we fired Doug does any team hire him? I say no and that tells you everything

@eustaqiohs (eustaqiohs) tweeted:

RT @JuddLegum:

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Doug Pederson: "I realize I gotta get Wentz out the pocket" What he does: the exzach fuckin opposite!!!!

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