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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Philadelphia / United States
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@calvinjburke (Calvin) tweeted:

if all we Latter-day Saints do going into the future is continue promoting old-fashioned toxic positivity during *l… https://t.co/9PU7DzPHkP

@BBCInMemoriam (BBCInMemoriam) tweeted:

Saints about to be 8-0 with Drew Brees backups. Systems QB...

@ABCDEFGHIJoe (Joe) tweeted:

If the falcons fans ever wanna talk shit just show them this...they can’t fuck with the Saints! https://t.co/whSBe6wASM

@_mihmedia (Make It Happen Media) tweeted:

Saints living life right nah.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

On today’s episode of “Twitter knows sports better than professionals”: I was told playing Taysom Hill was the wors… https://t.co/PjIdgLM9ef

@SeanFazendeFOX8 (Sean FazendeFOX8) tweeted:

Onyemata sack. That’s 8 for the Saints.

@SaintsFrance (Saints France) tweeted:

3&10 pour les Falcons et... DAVID ONYEMATA POUR LE 8EME SACK DE NOS #SAINTS CE SOIR!!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/ULdI40JAze

@JamesPalmerTV (James Palmer) tweeted:

The #saints have 8 sacks today. 8.

@diannaESPN (Dianna Russini) tweeted:

The Saints defense is relentless. 8 sacks today. 8!

@TheFalcoholic (The Falcoholic) tweeted:

Give the Saints all the credit in the world for getting after Ryan all game long. I hate to say that but they're ju… https://t.co/IfjUk8lXX6

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