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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Philadelphia / United States
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@Noah_Becker (Noah Becker) tweeted:

Rank the DBs drafted by Howie Roseman: Nate Allen, Trevard Lindley, Kurt Coleman, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Curtis Marsh,… https://t.co/yu50Z1Ic7C

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

If u got me, i got u & that’s on everything

@JCrossover () tweeted:

Music gets you through..

@1basedjeff (scotty) tweeted:

we don’t defend that nigga. we just want jalen hurts to start https://t.co/kpXr6U3tct

@overtime (Overtime) tweeted:

Steelers aren’t only in 1st place... They are 1st in TD CELEBRATIONS

@lindseyyok (lindsey ok) tweeted:

Jalen Hurts can't be worse than this

@SteeIerNation (SteelerNation) tweeted:

Oh what an interception by Terrell Edmunds!! That one wasn’t a gift. Edmunds with his second INT of the game!!! https://t.co/dwxa2HP5uP

@ericsshadow (eric) tweeted:

It’s time to give Jalen Hurts a try. He literally can’t play worse than Wentz.

@Pearlfection7 (Shavette Nevette) tweeted:

I truly believe Doug Peterson and his horrible play calling is intentionally trying to get Carson Wentz hurt so he… https://t.co/XlKTIEgEhT

@Ctb5Terrell (Should have traded m) tweeted:

RT @JoeGiglioSports: Carson Wentz's contract is the only reason he's still the Eagles quarterback. If that deal didn't exist and he was in…

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