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Chuck Todd

Trend time: Fri Nov 20, 2020
Trend location: New Orleans / United States
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@PalmerReport (Palmer Report) tweeted:

Every time I think Chuck Todd can’t get even worse at his job, dammit, he finds a way.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Shepard Smith should replace Chuck Todd as Meet the Press host.

@thor_benson (Thor Benson) tweeted:

We shouldn't have to go into 2021 with Chuck Todd as the host of Meet the Press. We've earned a better host.

@WideAsleepNima (Nima Shirazi) tweeted:

Psssst, you can correctly point out how utterly fucking terrible Chuck Todd is while also being honest about how Ti… https://t.co/JlFDuNmQ9a

@JeffSharlet (Jeff Sharlet) tweeted:

All these folks scolding me for failing to recognize Chuck Todd's failings before: No, I failed to *watch* Chuck To… https://t.co/qHQlI8Bswe

@PalmerReport (Palmer Report) tweeted:

Chuck Todd crashes and burns https://t.co/JtOsPjjuND

@JohnnyBlkshrt (Tom Joad™) tweeted:

If @MSNBC is determined to keep Chuck Todd. Just cancel Meet the Press.

@admiralmpj (Malcolm P. Johnson) tweeted:

Dear @NBCNews, Chuck Todd is actively harming Democracy. I wish this were a joke. But when you let a Conspiracy… https://t.co/SdQj848gxW

@keraz37 (crft) tweeted:

@JRubinBlogger Chuck Todd needs to be fired

@KathyRadigan (Kathy Radigan) tweeted:

RT @AdamParkhomenko: @mattmfm @MattNegrin Chuck Todd is a fucking disgrace.

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