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Deshaun Watson

Trend time: Fri Nov 20, 2020
Trend location: New Orleans / United States
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@the_fed_23 (Ryan) tweeted:

Career Records: Deshaun Watson: 26-20 Mitchell Trubisky: 26-18

@AdamSchefter (Adam Schefter) tweeted:

Texans CEO Cal McNair recently had dinner with Deshaun Watson and the direction of the Texans’ franchise came up du… https://t.co/gHLZL891eC

@CharlesPPierce (Charles P. Pierce) tweeted:

Deshaun Watson, who is very good at American football, needs a team that doesn’t trade a HOF WR for a bag of magic beans.

@SportsMT (Matt Thomas) tweeted:

If you could ever vote for a league MVP on a 2-7 team, it would be Deshaun Watson.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

DeShaun Watson corre y llega a zona de anotación para la ventaja en el partido.

@RooshWilliams (Roosh) tweeted:

I’m tweeting heavy about the Rockets and truly didn’t even know the Texans were playing. God bless Deshaun Watson.… https://t.co/OraIij4ie2

@Joshstros (Joshstros) tweeted:

Y’all imagine Deshaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins on the same team They’d be unstoppable

@NESN (NESN) tweeted:

Deshaun Watson made some serious noise early against the Patriots. https://t.co/zEXOcDQyKJ

@SchoolboyQue_ (Quentin Quarantino) tweeted:

RT @the_fed_23: Career Records: Deshaun Watson: 26-20 Mitchell Trubisky: 26-18

@djimon_tres (BTD DJI) tweeted:


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