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Trend time: Fri Nov 20, 2020
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@PatriciaPhotos (Patricia Hofmeester) tweeted:

New artwork for sale! - "Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Nashville" - https://t.co/5NJ6Haa3cj @fineartamerica https://t.co/0moYPOnh9t

@Marjimenez23 (lamar) tweeted:

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@ArtTatum3 Estoy esperando a ver qué funcionario -en ejercicio- de la oposición llama a la dictadura de los Fernánd… https://t.co/TA1RU3zkn5

@TBrandon84 (Timothy Ray Brandon) tweeted:

If you dont fire Patricia after getting shutout by a 3-7 team, with a QB making his first start, missing CMC, your… https://t.co/7LGM621osE

@DetroitLionsPro (Detroit Lions Pro) tweeted:

Time to clean house, fire Patricia and Quinn TODAY!

@2MAnalytics (2M Analytics) tweeted:

Mientras sus empleaditos mermeleros azuzan al rebaño contra Willax, Beto Ortiz y Phillips Butters. El Comercio anun… https://t.co/av45vItZTX

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Matt Patricia is about to lose to a XFL QB

@thepick40 (willie pickvet) tweeted:

0: the number of reasons Matt Patricia should be the lions head coach next season. Coincidentally it is also the am… https://t.co/P5eDxVP1gX

@burchie_kid (Will Burchfield) tweeted:

That was Matt Patricia’s 8th game against a rookie head coach. 1 win: Steve Wilks’ Cardinals (2018). And if you c… https://t.co/tDkih0UPGd

@TohnJurner (John Turner) tweeted:

Please do not let Matt Patricia on the plane. I’ll drive him to the airport and he can take an overbooked AA flight like the rest of us.

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