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Kareem Hunt

Trend time: Thu Nov 19, 2020
Trend location: Orlando / United States
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:


@NFLBrasil (NFL Brasil) tweeted:

Kareem Hunt DECOLOU para o TOUCHDOWN! #Browns #NFLBrasil

@brentsobleski (Brent Sobleski) tweeted:

Wyatt Teller blocked THREE guys on Kareem Hunt's touchdown run. https://t.co/UH4AF457i4

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@nickg_01 (nick) tweeted:

RT @barstoolsports: Kareem Hunt walked on air (and briefly a defender’s head) https://t.co/nXAyRUQs93

@daniele_geek (Daniele Qualcosa) tweeted:

RT @NFLUK: Kareem Hunt FLEW into the endzone ✈️

@mares62J (Fan since 1962) tweeted:

Kareem Hunt has Cleveland going crazy too! https://t.co/Efx1d5gfaS

@DFernando___ (Fernando Aguilar) tweeted:

RT @TheHolyRoller49:

@CreepyRunner (Scott McColl) tweeted:

RT @SInow: Kareem Hunt really hurdled from the 5

@JCNorth_ (Josh North) tweeted:

Any browns fan want to explain to me why it’s all of a sudden “Kareem Hunt Time!” as soon as they enter the red zon… https://t.co/mtKELNjyMk

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